What Can Happen If You Do Not Have Home Insurance?

If you are a homeowner from West Bloomfield, MI, or from somewhere else in Michigan, you are not required to have home insurance. Since it is optional, it may be tempting not to get it in order to avoid additional expenses. However, you should understand the risks associated with not having home insurance. This is what can happen if you decide not to carry insurance on your home: 

Storm Damage

Storms are common in Michigan by causing severe home damages. A storm can leave your house with extremely expensive repairs. Moreover, since a damaged house might be unsafe to stay in, you may need to relocate somewhere for a while. If you do not have home insurance, you will have to bear all of these expenses. 

The threat of a Lawsuit

Every homeowner lives at risk of a lawsuit. For example, your dog bites your neighbor,  or someone slips and falls on your porch steps. Both these unfortunate incidents might become the basis for a cause of action against a homeowner.  In this case, if they have no home insurance, they will have to hire an attorney. Attorneys are not cheap, and their legal services can wipe out all your savings. However, if you have home insurance, there is nothing to worry about: the insurance company will hire an attorney for you, and all the expenses will be covered. 

Paying Out of Your Pocket For All Repairs

If you have no home insurance, be prepared to pay for all repairs by yourself. This might not sound like big of a deal until something really serious happens, like a fire or flood for example, and you will not have enough savings to cover all the expenses for rebuilding the house. 

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