3 Vaccines You Need This Year

As the cooler temperatures arrive, getting sick is back in season, and there are several vaccines you can get to prevent a severe illness this year. Our team at Agency Advantage Insurance wants our customers in West Bloomfield, MI and other areas to know what is available for them. 

Influenza Vaccines

Maybe the most popular vaccine during the cooler parts of the year, the influenza vaccine is suitable for one year and is designed to fight several strains of the dangerous and potentially fatal Influenza or Flu. Because this illness can be spread so quickly, it is easy to get others you care for sick with the flu if you have not been vaccinated. 

Tdap and Booster

Many adults may not have had an initial Tdap vaccine. Once you have the initial immunization, you should follow up with a booster in 10 years. If you have not had this vaccine, there is no time like the present to prevent illnesses such as tetanus and pertussis. 


For those who were born after 1957, getting an MMR vaccine prevents several illnesses that are starting to spread thanks to global traveling, mumps, measles, and rubella. With so many travelers and immigrants coming to the state of Michigan, it is critical for those who may have missed this vaccine early in their childhood to go back and get it now. 

Make the Right Choice With Health Insurance

When you purchase an individual health insurance policy, you are able to properly vaccinate and get the coverage you need against these dangerous illnesses. Health insurance allows you to secure your health in West Bloomfield, MI. If you do not have health care coverage and would like to talk to someone about a policy, call our agents at Agency Advantage Insurance today.