What makes classic car insurance different?

The question of whether to purchase classic auto insurance or obtain a standard policy amounts to how you want to use your vehicle. Agency Advantage Insurance wants West Bloomfield, MI drivers to remain safe on the road and understand what their classic car insurance does for them.

If you want to drive your car or truck daily, standard auto insurance provides your best choice.

Classic car insurance limits your use of your vehicle. Most policies limit you to about 1,000 driving miles per year. That falls far under what you would need for commuting or errand running. If you violate the policy and drive it for more miles, you void the policy. That means you lose all the premiums you paid.

Insurance companies expect you will only drive the classic car in parades, auto shows, and special events. It is this limited amount of road time that enables the companies to afford to pay for the full replacement value of a vehicle if it gets totaled.

Another requirement most insurance agencies use is that you have already restored the vehicle completely. You cannot get classic car insurance on a vehicle while you work on it. You can get standard coverage. Standard coverage typically costs more for full coverage, but it lets you drive the car as much as you want. That’s important since many cars insured under classic car insurance fall into the classic or vintage category, not antiques. A classic car may only be ten years old but will qualify if it was a limited edition or had a manufacturing run of only a few years. You’d still probably want to drive these cars, but classic car insurance would limit the amount you could do so.

The real benefit of classic car insurance is its payout. You can purchase a replacement vehicle of the same make, model and year outright with its insurance payout of full coverage. If the vehicle sustains repairable damage, the insurance company pays for the replacement parts. Some agents will even help you locate appropriate parts.

Contact Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI, to learn how classic car insurance can benefit you. Even if your car isn’t a 100-year old antique, it may qualify for classic car insurance.