Driving on Flooded Streets

One of the most dangerous things to do, Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI would like to note, is driving on flooded streets, especially at night when visibility is low.

The best way to avoid flooding out while behind the wheel is not to venture forth when the streets are flooded. Missing an appointment or being late for work is far preferable to abandoning your vehicle hip-deep in water, with the attending expense and inconvenience. That inconvenience includes not making an appointment, anyway.

If you must drive while the streets are flooded, watch the weather report on TV, and consult weather and traffic sites on the internet. In this way, you might be able to devise a route that will allow you to avoid flooded areas, even if it will take longer to reach your destination.

The cardinal rule about coming up on a flooded street is the saying “Turn around; don’t drown.” Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether a wet patch has just a little bit of water or a foot or two. Of course, an easy way to determine the depth of the water in front of you is to watch what happens to other vehicles when their drivers try to cross. If the water splashes over the top of the wheels, the safe assumption is that the flooded patch is too dangerous to cross. A stalled car or two in the middle of the flooded area would also be a good indication that you should turn back. Better that you be late than to have your vehicle flooded out.

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