Is Basic Motorcycle Insurance Sufficient?

Are you one of the riders that stick to the state minimums when shopping for motorcycle insurance in West Bloomfield, MI? This move might save you some money, but it’s never a good idea, as you will find out from the below post by Agency Advantage Insurance.

Required motorcycle insurance in Michigan

To understand why state-required insurance is never enough, let’s explore the required insurance for bikers in Michigan. Motorcyclists are required to purchase at least $10,000 worth of property damage liability (PDL) in Michigan. On the other hand, riders must buy $50,000 bodily injury liability for an accident involving one person and twice the amount for accidents involving death or injury to more than one person.

While the above coverages might seem adequate, they are barely enough when faced with a significant claim. Unfortunately, when your liability coverages run out, you will have to cover the difference from your pocket! There is no fun when your assets and income are at stake.

State-required insurance doesn’t cover you

Another reason why you should explore beyond the state minimums is that liability coverage required by the state doesn’t protect you and your vehicle — it only covers other people. So, why would you pay for insurance if it doesn’t protect you and your assets? It doesn’t make sense!

At Agency Advantage Insurance, we usually advise our clients to increase the liability coverage limits and look at other options for optimal protection. We are not saying you buy all the motorcycle insurance options out there — just invest in those options that cover your unique needs.

Motorcycle insurance in West Bloomfield, MI

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