Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for the Summer

You have a series of tasks you should do each year before you retire your bike for the cooler seasons. The maintenance doesn’t stop there. At Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI, and the general vicinity, our agents advise motorcyclists to make the most out of their bikes by properly maintaining them, even in the summer. 

Coolant Levels 

If your bike doesn’t have enough coolant, it’s possible for it to overheat. Your engine may stop at that point. If a car or bike behind you can’t stop in time, you might end up getting into a serious accident. You can prevent your bike from overheating by checking your coolant levels regularly. If they need to be replaced, it’s important to do so immediately. Generally, you should only need to replace your coolant once per year. 

Tire Pressure

If you don’t have enough pressure in a tire on your bike, you’re putting yourself at risk for getting into a serious accident. We advise clients to regularly check their tire pressure to ensure it’s adequate. This is particularly advisable to perform before you take your bike on a long road trip. 

Check Your Brakes

Being able to stop immediately is vital when you’re riding a motorcycle. Whether you’re just starting to take your bike out or you’re venturing on a long journey, we recommend checking your brakes. Brake fluid should be a light yellow color. If it’s a darker yellow, you should replace it. 


Although it isn’t actually part of the maintenance routine. It does keep you safe on the road and prevent you from getting a ticket. 

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