Can my adult children stay on the family auto insurance policy

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With soaring apartment rental prices, more adult children choose to reside at home after college or even if they don’t pursue further studies. Thanks to the affordability of family plans, many prefer to remain on family plans for cell phones, the internet, and car insurance.

Staying Insured While Studying Away

When your children are away at college, they can still benefit from the family policy as long as they continue to use the family home as their mailing address and return home during summer or school breaks. Thus, they remain eligible to stay on your policy as long as their permanent residential status remains unchanged.

Keeping Insured While Living and Working at Home

If your children opt to stay at home and embark on their careers, they can still be included in your family policy. This is the essence of a family policy: It encompasses not just one or two adults with teenagers but also other adults in the household. Besides making it affordable for your children, this might also cut insurance costs for you unless, of course, your children have had accidents. Under such circumstances, a comprehensive umbrella policy is recommended to ensure your assets have maximum protection.

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