Four motorcycle insurance policy features that you should be aware of

Getting the motorcycle insurance features you need can make your life easier. Agency Advantage Insurance offers insurance policies in West Bloomfield, MI. We can provide you with excellent insurance policy features that will give you peace of mind while you’re riding.

Here are four motorcycle insurance policy features that you should be aware of. 

Gap insurance

Gap insurance is important if you are still paying off a loan for your motorcycle purchase.

Gap insurance will cover any difference between the amount you still owe on your motorcycle and the amount you receive on any claim for the total loss of your bike. This way, you won’t end up owing money on a bike that has been totaled. 

Roadside assistance

With roadside assistance, you’ll be able to arrange to have a tow service come to your assistance if your bike brakes down due to a mechanical failure or an accident. Many insurance providers include roadside assistance on motorcycle insurance policies. 

Trip interruption coverage

Trip interruption coverage is important to have if you go on motorcycle trips that are far from home. This feature will cover any costs you face if your bike breaks down or gets in an accident while you’re far from home. 

Trip interruption coverage can cover costs like lodging, dining, and transportation fares. 

Diminishing deductibles

Some insurance providers offer a diminishing deductible feature on motorcycle insurance policies. With this feature, your deductible amount can decrease over time if you go a long period without having to file any claims on your policy. 

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