My car is only 15 years old. Am I eligible for classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is often a misunderstood or unfamiliar form of car insurance for many people. There may be many misconceptions about what it is and what makes a car eligible for this type of coverage. Simply owning an old car doesn’t necessarily make you eligible for classic car insurance. Our team at  Agency Advantage Insurance understands that many West Bloomfield MI residents may be confused about this form of insurance. As a result, we’re committed to educating West Bloomfield, MI residents about classic car insurance. 

What is Classic Car Insurance?
Many of us have old cars that have long since seen better days…these are usually not the types of cars that are eligible for classic car insurance. Classic cars are typically 20+ years older but not more than 40 years old. These cars are also kept in their original condition or near-perfect or mint condition. Classic cars are owned primarily as collector’s items that aren’t usually aftermarket or replica vehicles. Also, these cars are usually not driven daily. The owner can register a car that fits these descriptions as an antique car which may make it eligible for classic car insurance. 

Other Factors that Define Classic Car Eligibility…

Not all cars are eligible for this status, however. The classic car title isn’t designed to fit your daily use or common type of car. That Toyota or Volkswagen would probably not fall into the classic car category. There’s usually something unique, special, or exotic about the car in addition to its age. Modified/Customized vehicles and modern muscle cars are good examples of cars that would be eligible for classic car insurance.

If you have questions about classic car insurance and want to know if your car would be eligible, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.