Tips To Keep Your Classic Automobile Secure

If you own a classic automobile, take measures to prevent damage and theft. Use the guidelines described below. Then, contact an Agency Advantage Insurance representative who serves West Bloomfield, MI, to update your classic automobile insurance policy.

Vehicle Security

A car alarm or another anti-theft device will prevent anyone from gaining access to your classic vehicle. Review alarm products that are designed to be installed inside your vehicle. Then, purchase one or more products to protect your car when it is not being driven.


Keeping your classic vehicle out of view will minimize the chance of being stolen or vandalized. Choose a storage option that will keep your car clean and dry. You can store your vehicle inside your garage or rent space at a facility that offers a vehicle storage option.

If you rent space, choose an interior storage spot that is climate-controlled. Ensure that the storage facility offers surveillance and other security features that will keep your classic vehicle well-protected.


If you have decided to store your vehicle on your property, invest in lights that can be used to illuminate the storage area when it is dark outside. Lights should be installed outside and inside the garage.

You may want to purchase motion-detection lights if you are not at home often. These types of lights will turn on if any motion is detected near the garage.


Now that you have considered some ways to keep your classic automobile secure contact one of our agents who serve West Bloomfield, MI. Agency Advantage Insurance offers many insurance products that classic vehicle owners can benefit from purchasing.