Types of Motorcycle Insurance Coverages

A motorcycle can be a convenient means of transport in West Bloomfield, MI. You can quickly get around, running your errands efficiently while enjoying pleasant weather. However, to secure that investment, you should consider insuring it. And as Agency Advantage Insurance explains, here are a few coverages you can opt for when you decide to insure your motorcycle.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

It helps cover things like lost wages and medical expenses arising from the injury or death of another driver in an accident where you were at fault. However, if you get injured, bodily injury liability does not cover your medical bills, and so you should get a different policy for that.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

You may get into an accident where you are at fault and end up damaging someone else’s property, including a car, home, fence, or any other object. With this type of coverage, the repair costs are covered, and you do not have to go back to your pocket to cover those expenses. Note that this coverage will also not cover repairs to your bike.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical payment coverage helps cover the necessary medical costs resulting from an accident in your motorcycle. Those medical costs covered can be for both you and your passengers.

Collision Coverage

It provides cover for your bicycle when it gets damaged in a collision, whether with another bike, a car, a tree, or a building.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage comes in handy when your motorcycle gets damaged by any accident that is not a result of a collision. Therefore, damage caused by things like theft, wind, vandalism, and flooding is covered under this policy.

If you are having trouble deciding which coverage is necessary for you, contact us at Agency Advantage Insurance for assistance. Our team of experts in West Bloomfield, MI will see to it that you get the protection you need.