Four Add-ons to Consider for Your Motorcycle Insurance

Two-wheelers have become a standard mode of transport in West Bloomfield, MI because of the ease of commuting and affordability. Unfortunately, accidents have increased due to the increasing number of bikes on the road, hence the rising need for motorcycle insurance. Your standard motorcycle covers your bike, injuries, and liability claims. While this might seem like sufficient coverage, sometimes you need more than “standard.” At Agency Advantage Insurance, we recommend you consider “add-ons” or “riders” to enjoy maximum coverage.

While there exist several motorcycle insurance add-ons, the ones below are the most common.

Roadside assistance coverage

If your bike stalls away from home, it can be frustrating. Getting help involves calling friends and relatives or looking for towing services, which can be expensive. To be safe, consider roadside assistance coverage to bail you out whenever you have a road mishap. This way, running out of gas, punctures, flat battery, and other minor breakdowns don’t have to keep you stranded on the highway. Your help is just a call away.

Zero depreciation coverage

As you ride your bike, its value drops every day. You may not pay much attention to this until your motorcycle is stolen or totaled. In such cases, your insurance will deduct the depreciation amount from your compensation, meaning you will cover the difference from your pocket. However, this isn’t the case if you have zero depreciation coverage.

Engine protect

Your standard motorcycle insurance will cover engine damage when the cause is listed in your policy. However, if an oil leak or waterlogging damages your engine, you won’t get compensation from your standard bike insurance. That’s why you need “engine protect” coverage.

Consumables coverage

It covers consumable items like fluids, nuts, bolts, filters, etc., not covered by the standard insurance when your bike is undergoing repairs.

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