Michigan Collision Auto Insurance: How to Drive in Low Visibility Conditions

Conditions such as fog, heavy weather, and even a bright sun, can cause low visibility driving conditions in Michigan. It’s important to know how to drive safely in these conditions, and you will avoid collisions and expensive car insurance claims.

At Agency Advantage Insurance, we want West Bloomfield, MI residents to be safe in all driving conditions. Follow these simple safety tips when driving in low visibility conditions.

Maintain for Visibility

In Michigan, you are going to have low visibility conditions all year long. Maintain your vehicle regularly so that it can accommodate these conditions. Maintain it before you drive as well.

Be sure that your wipers are good and working. Have your heating and defrost systems checked so that you can defrost front and rear windows effectively when driving. If you have fog lights, have them checked.

Clear your windshield and all windows before you leave the driveway or parking lot. Make sure that the roof of your vehicle is clear of all-weather or debris so that falling snow or ice does not impede your visibility on the roads.

Driving Tips

When you are driving in low visibility, follow your instinct.

•    Drive slowly at all times in low visibility
•    Brake slowly, or avoid braking at all. Braking in ice and snow leads to fishtailing and skids that cause collisions.
•    High beams aren’t as effective as fog lights in low visibility unless you are driving at night.
•    Pay attention and listen to other drivers in the event you can’t see them.
•    Get roadside assistance.

Drive Safely

When you have to drive in low visibility in Michigan, be alert, and make sure your vehicle is safe before you drive. That is half the battle. Take your time to avoid collisions. 

Have peace of mind before you go with add-ons to your insurance such as Roadside Assistance. You’ll be more confident on the roads, and that confidence breeds safety. At Agency Advantage Insurance, we prefer West Bloomfield, MI residents to stay home in poor conditions, but we know life and duty calls. Call us for a quote today.