How to preserve your classic car with classic car insurance

As a collector, you spend most of your time restoring your dream car and always keeping it in its best condition.  Classic car ownership means protecting your investment at all costs, and that’s why at Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI, we recommend buying enough classic car insurance. How do you preserve your car to ensure that it is always looking sleek all-year-round?

Storage is key

Where you store your classic car matters the most. Most insurance agencies have stringent rules on how and where to keep your precious jewel. Each insurance plan is calculated based on this factor. For instance, if you have a home garage, you want to make sure that your antique car is not affected by elements. Dedicated storage facilities are considered the best and safest ways to protect your vehicle.

Keep essential documents away.

Classic cars have a history. If you were lucky to get your hands on your car’s old photos or videos, those are precious documents. So, keep them as far away as you can unless they are needed. They will help you appreciate your investment and even help increase its value.

Conduct thorough research about your car, particularly maintenance,

Find books, catalogs, vintage magazines, and other memorabilia that document your vehicle. The West Bloomfield MI libraries can help you find them. Research can be fun as it will help you understand your investment better. It will also help you verify and confirm the originality of parts and ensure the proper installation of everything like bumper guards.

Take your car for a ride once in a while

If your vehicle doesn’t leave the showroom or garage, which is the case with most classic cars, consider taking it out once in a while. This helps keep the engine and lubrication lively. Even if you want to keep the mileage low, a short trip once a month won’t hurt your car’s value.

For more information about classic car preservation, call Agency Advantage Insurance or visit us at our West Bloomfield, MI offices.