Michigan Home Insurance Explained for First Time Homeowners

When you are a first-time homeowner, all the legalese, paperwork, and insurance matters can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Agency Advantage Insurance, we want first-time homebuyers in West Bloomfield, MI to be excited about this next chapter. We can help you with some of that, by guiding you through the very simple process of Michigan home insurance.

How Much Michigan Home Insurance Do You Need?

In Michigan, home insurance is not required by federal or state regulations. Your bank or mortgage lender may require it.

You will be required to purchase liability coverage, in the event that something happens on your property. Building and property coverage will also likely be required, but every lender will be different.

In addition, you can add more coverage than the minimums that your lender requires. You might want special valuables coverage, flood insurance, and other protections for your home.

Types of Home Insurance Coverages

You can cover your home for almost anything that is in it or around it.

• Building coverage: This coverage will protect your home if there is damage sustained due to weather or perils specified in your policy.

• Property coverage: Covers the contents of your home and any outbuildings on it. 

• Liabilities coverage: If an accident occurs on your property, or you are sued, your liabilities coverages will cover your legal costs and/or settlements.

These are just a few of the coverages that you can get with Michigan home insurance. Talk to a broker today to find out how much coverage you can get.

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At Agency Advantage Insurance, we know that when you are a homeowner in West Bloomfield, MI the first time, you will need home insurance that protects the dreams you’ve worked so hard for. Call us for a quote today.