Who needs motorcycle insurance in Michigan?

If you are in the West Bloomfield MI area, it will be very important for you to be able to get around the community. When you are looking for a fun and efficient mode of transportation, getting a motorcycle can be an ideal option. Along with your purchase of a motorcycle, you also need to get proper insurance for it. There are several situations when someone will need to have a full motorcycle coverage plan.

When Riding Motorcycle on Public Road

A common situation when people need to have a motorcycle insurance plan in Michigan is when they want to drive the motorcycle on a public road. Any motorist in Michigan is required to carry liability insurance. If you do not have this protection, you will be out of compliance with the law and will face penalization. If you get the proper motorcycle insurance you will get the coverage needed to stay in good standing.

Those that Have a Loan

You will also need to get motorcycle insurance if you have taken out a motorcycle loan. Anyone that is going to finance a vehicle with a loan will need to have insurance coverage with collision and comprehensive protection. Lenders always require you to have this as it protects their interest in your motorcycle. You may need to provide evidence of this coverage from time to time. 

There continues to be a lot of situations when someone in the West Bloomfield MI area will need to have motorcycle insurance. If you are going to get this coverage here, it would be a good idea to call Agency Advantage Insurance. The professionals with Agency Advantage Insurance understand the importance of this coverage. They can help you assess your options and give guidance as you are building your next plan. 

Should I get umbrella insurance in Michigan?

The West Bloomfield, MI area is a great place to live and visit due to the strong economy and variety of recreational amenities. When you are looking to move here, getting the right personal insurance plan in place is very important. For those that are looking to move to this area of the state, getting umbrella insurance coverage would be a good investment. There are several situations when someone should get umbrella coverage here. 

Coverage Protects Against Catastrophic Claims

Most people are going to receive personal liability coverage through home or auto insurance policies. However, these policies will have a policy limit and if there is ever a very significant claim that exceeds this amount, you will have to pay the rest out of pocket. In these situations, an umbrella policy will come in handy as it will offer the additional coverage you need.

Protection for More Situations

You will also want umbrella coverage as it can provide protection for more situations. An umbrella policy offers very broad coverage that can include protection for a wide range of potential risks. This can ensure that you have protection for situations that would not otherwise be covered. This can offer you peace of mind and comfort knowing you are prepared for the unexpected. 

Getting umbrella coverage in Michigan continues to be a good option for anyone that is looking to protect themselves. Those that are in the West Bloomfield, MI area and are looking for a new policy here should call Agency Advantage Insurance. The team with Agency Advantage Insurance understands how important this type of coverage is. Based on their review of your individual situation, they will be able to help you pick a policy that provides the right coverage for your situation. 

Auto Insurance Variables To Consider While Researching Policies

Based in West Bloomfield, MI, Agency Advantage Insurance offers the community multiple types of insurance coverage. We are committed to helping our clients find the policies they need to protect their assets. We have positive relationships with multiple carriers throughout Michigan.

Auto Insurance Variables

Auto insurance covers your vehicle as you travel around West Bloomfield, MI. The policy covers your vehicle if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster, fire, or other unexpected circumstances. Liability coverage is also an asset as you’ll be protected in the event that you are involved in a collision with another vehicle. You are also protected if your vehicle causes damage to someone else’s property. Here are some other variables to consider while researching policies.

If you have a lot of passengers in your vehicle, the majority of times that you operate it consider the benefits of personal injury protection. Personal injury protection covers you if one of your passengers suffers a serious injury while they are riding in the car with you.

Also, consider the amount of mileage that you put on your vehicle every year. If you drive your car less frequently than other drivers, you may need a different policy compared to traditional coverage. If you plan to completely renovate your car or add some special accessories, you will need to amend your policy in order to cover those parts if they are damaged or stolen.

If you use your vehicle as part of your equipment, you’ll have to explore separate coverage in order to maintain protection while you work. You cannot use your traditional auto policy to cover your business while you are operating your vehicle on the job.

Consult With Agency Advantage Insurance

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When should I get home insurance in Michigan?

In the West Bloomfield, MI area there are a lot of benefits that come with owning a home. Those that do purchase a property here will benefit from tax advantages, price appreciation while also having a consistent place to live in a great community. As you are looking for a new home here, you should also think about your insurance needs. There are several situations when someone should get a home insurance policy here.

When Looking to Protect Asset

One important situation when you should get a home insurance policy in this area of Michigan is when you are looking to protect your valuable asset. Anyone that is going to purchase a property will be making an enormous investment for their future. If the asset is not covered by a home insurance policy, you could lose the entire investment if the home is damaged by a fire or other serious issue. 

When Looking to Stay in Compliance

You should also get home insurance when you want to stay in compliance with all of your insurance obligations. A lot of people that buy a home will be required to carry home insurance. Those that live in a home association will likely have specific insurance requirements that need to be met as part of the association rules. Also, if you have taken out a mortgage, the lender will likely require that you carry coverage at all times. 

As you are looking for a new home insurance policy in the West Bloomfield, MI area, you should call Agency Advantage Insurance. When you do call Agency Advantage Insurance you can learn more about the options at your disposal. This could then help you to build a policy that will provide you with the appropriate coverage to meet your needs. 

How to preserve your classic car with classic car insurance

As a collector, you spend most of your time restoring your dream car and always keeping it in its best condition.  Classic car ownership means protecting your investment at all costs, and that’s why at Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI, we recommend buying enough classic car insurance. How do you preserve your car to ensure that it is always looking sleek all-year-round?

Storage is key

Where you store your classic car matters the most. Most insurance agencies have stringent rules on how and where to keep your precious jewel. Each insurance plan is calculated based on this factor. For instance, if you have a home garage, you want to make sure that your antique car is not affected by elements. Dedicated storage facilities are considered the best and safest ways to protect your vehicle.

Keep essential documents away.

Classic cars have a history. If you were lucky to get your hands on your car’s old photos or videos, those are precious documents. So, keep them as far away as you can unless they are needed. They will help you appreciate your investment and even help increase its value.

Conduct thorough research about your car, particularly maintenance,

Find books, catalogs, vintage magazines, and other memorabilia that document your vehicle. The West Bloomfield MI libraries can help you find them. Research can be fun as it will help you understand your investment better. It will also help you verify and confirm the originality of parts and ensure the proper installation of everything like bumper guards.

Take your car for a ride once in a while

If your vehicle doesn’t leave the showroom or garage, which is the case with most classic cars, consider taking it out once in a while. This helps keep the engine and lubrication lively. Even if you want to keep the mileage low, a short trip once a month won’t hurt your car’s value.

For more information about classic car preservation, call Agency Advantage Insurance or visit us at our West Bloomfield, MI offices.

What are the State Minimums for Motorcycle Insurance in Michigan?

The state of Michigan is one of the states that requires all motorcycle operators to carry motorcycle insurance. Just like auto insurance, the state has required minimums that must be met by motorcycle operators. Motorcycle operators need to understand what those minimum coverage requirements are and purchase coverage to meet the required minimums. 

Michigan’s New No-fault Law Increased the Required Coverage Limits
Michigan’s new no-fault law became effective July 1st, 2020. This state law changed the minimum coverage amount that is legally required for motorcycle operators. The state requires all motorcycle operators to carry liability coverage. The new coverage amounts required by the state increased. Motorcyclists must currently carry liability insurance in the amounts of $50,000 for bodily injury and a single death, $100,000 for bodily injury and more than one death, and $10,000 for property damage. 

The Agency Advantage Insurance of West Bloomfield, MI understands how changes to the state minimum requirements may create some confusion. We are committed to making sure motorcycle operators understand the minimum state requirements for coverage and purchase motorcycle insurance that meets both state minimums and their specific needs. Our team at the Agency Advantage Insurance of West Bloomfield MI can educate Michigan motorcycle operators on the need to purchase state liability insurance for motorcycles for bodily injury, death, and property damage. Visit us online or give us a call. We look forward to answering all of your questions. 

Other Considerations Regarding State Minimum Coverage…
The state’s no-fault policy won’t provide additional coverage beyond the preset limits. As a result, you may want to consider purchasing much higher levels of coverage to cover an accident. It should also be noted that the state of Michigan doesn’t reduce motorcycle operator’s financial responsibility just for wearing a helmet. Motorcyclists’ in Michigan will have to meet the insurance requirements set by the law. Visit us online or give us a call. We’re standing by.

A Look At Some Hidden Umbrella Insurance Facts

Agency Advantage Insurance assists the West Bloomfield, MI community by offering residents insurance policies that will help them enjoy a comfortable life. We provide our clients with a wide array of insurance policies to help them make an educated choice regarding their future.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides extra protection when you need it most. The policy is beneficial if you are held liable in a potentially serious situation. Umbrella insurance can cover any gaps left behind in your home or auto insurance policy. While you are researching different policies, here are some facts to consider.

Extra Vehicles May Be Covered

In addition to your primary vehicle, you can amend your umbrella insurance policy to cover any alternative vehicles that you have. You can add coverage to your boat or motorcycle.

The Policy Covers You Away From Home

If you are planning to go on vacation, having an umbrella insurance policy will help alleviate some stress. In the event that you are involved in an accident while you’re on vacation, you’ll still be covered.

The Policy Covers You While You’re Online

If you are involved in a disagreement online and things start getting serious, your umbrella insurance policy will cover you. If the person that you were chatting with alleges that you made slanderous statements against them, the extra layer of protection will help you.

Umbrella Insurance Can Help Secure Your Future

It only takes one accident to derail your goals and dreams for the future. However, umbrella insurance allows you to have a safety net so that you can stay on track regarding the goals that you want to accomplish.

Agency Advantage Insurance Will Assist You

As an independent agency, we consult with several different carriers to make sure that our clients receive coverage that fits their needs. Stop by our office in West Bloomfield, MI today so that we can help you.  

Terms you need to understand when choosing health insurance

When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, many people get overwhelmed. So much information and so little direction to help you make the right choice. Having an insurance agent you can trust goes a long way in making the decision less stressful. At Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI we are an independent agency and can offer our clients more choices. We represent many different carriers making it easier for us to find the perfect match for our clients. 

Before you decide on your health insurance coverage you need to make sure that you understand terms that are used routinely to describe the plans. 


Every insurance company negotiates with providers to get the best possible deal for their customers while making sure that they have access to quality health care. You need to examine the network to make sure your preferred doctors, dentists and hospitals are in the insurance company’s network. The carrier should provide you with access to a provider directory. 


This is the drug list that tells you if any drugs you take are covered and what tier they fall into. Each tier has a different co-pay and some may also have deductibles. Both brand name and generic drugs are included. 

Maximum out of pocket

The maximum out of pocket is the dollar amount that you personally have to pay. Once you have paid this amount, you won’t have to pay any additional fees.  

Choosing the right health coverage is one of the most important decisions you make every year. You want to be able to afford the policy and have the coverage you need to allow you to get quality health care. At Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI we understand your concerns and we will work with you to get the coverage you want and need. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote. 

Need to Add a Driver to Your Auto Insurance? Your Agent Can Help

If you’re about to add a driver to your auto insurance policy, it’s important to make sure you’re doing it right. It could affect your policy drastically or very little, depending on a few specifics about the new driver. Teen drivers will generally have the biggest effect on a policy, while a more experienced driver might not cause any changes to be made other than the addition of their name and driving information. Shopping around and getting quotes from multiple companies through your agent can help you find the right policy. If you’re in the West Bloomfield, MI area, Agency Advantage Insurance can help you add a driver to your insurance policy in the best possible way for your situation and needs.

Adding a driver to your insurance is usually pretty straightforward. You’ll need the driver’s name and license number, and some companies will ask for additional information, too. Make sure you have all the information correct, so the company can check the person’s identity and driving record before they’re added to your policy. If the company can’t verify the person you’re adding, it could refuse the addition. Working with a trusted agent can help you avoid those kinds of concerns, and get a driver added to your policy quickly and easily, so you can get back to enjoying your time on the road.

Ready to add a driver to your policy? At Agency Advantage Insurance we can help you and our other West Bloomfield, MI area customers add drivers properly, so everyone has the coverage they need to protect themselves and others on the road. If you’re not sure about adding a driver and have questions about the process or your specific situation, we can handle that, too. Reach out to us today, and we’ll help you adjust your policy so it’s right for you and anyone who drives your car.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Have Home Insurance?

If you are a homeowner from West Bloomfield, MI, or from somewhere else in Michigan, you are not required to have home insurance. Since it is optional, it may be tempting not to get it in order to avoid additional expenses. However, you should understand the risks associated with not having home insurance. This is what can happen if you decide not to carry insurance on your home: 

Storm Damage

Storms are common in Michigan by causing severe home damages. A storm can leave your house with extremely expensive repairs. Moreover, since a damaged house might be unsafe to stay in, you may need to relocate somewhere for a while. If you do not have home insurance, you will have to bear all of these expenses. 

The threat of a Lawsuit

Every homeowner lives at risk of a lawsuit. For example, your dog bites your neighbor,  or someone slips and falls on your porch steps. Both these unfortunate incidents might become the basis for a cause of action against a homeowner.  In this case, if they have no home insurance, they will have to hire an attorney. Attorneys are not cheap, and their legal services can wipe out all your savings. However, if you have home insurance, there is nothing to worry about: the insurance company will hire an attorney for you, and all the expenses will be covered. 

Paying Out of Your Pocket For All Repairs

If you have no home insurance, be prepared to pay for all repairs by yourself. This might not sound like big of a deal until something really serious happens, like a fire or flood for example, and you will not have enough savings to cover all the expenses for rebuilding the house. 

Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI is the company of professionals, who will be happy to assess risks for you and provide an objective analysis of the marketplace, so you can make the right choice. The agents of Agency Advantage Insurance are professionals with rich knowledge and exceptional customer skills, who are ready to determine your insurance needs and help you to get perfect home insurance.