3 Tips for Protecting Your Motorcycle When You Store it for the Winter

When you park your motorcycle for the winter, there are a few tips to consider to make sure it is fully protected. The agents at Agency Advantage Insurance are available to provide motorcycle owners who live in the West Bloomfield, MI area tips on how to keep their motorcycle safe during the winter months. While keeping it insured is a must, there are also storage tips they can follow.


Winterizing your motorcycle will protect the engine and other moving parts from damage caused by the extreme winter temperatures. Winterization also helps to protect the fuel lines and keeps them from freezing.

Cover It Up

Covering your motorcycle will keep it protected from any type of airborne debris that may fall from trees or is blown around by high winds. Covering your bike also prevents it from being hit by bird droppings and also reduces the risk of fading due to sitting in direct sunlight.

Store It Inside

If at all possible, store your bike inside. While covering it is still important, storing it inside will help to reduce the risk of your bike being vandalized or stolen. It will also keep it out of the sun and away from debris that could fall from trees.

If you live in the West Bloomfield, MI area and have questions about motorcycle insurance, contact the agents at Agency Advantage Insurance. They will provide you with tips on how to care for your motorcycle while you have it in storage. Schedule your appointment today and get the answers you need to protect your bike during the winter months.


How much umbrella insurance do I need?

Many people don’t realize how important it is to have an umbrella policy. Because of the much higher limits, an umbrella policy offers a vastly higher level of protection over a traditional policy.

Once you have decided to purchase an umbrella policy, you will need to start thinking about how much total protection you should get. If you live in Novi or West Bloomfield, MI, you can speak to an agent at Agency Advantage Insurance about your specific circumstances and what the best coverage will be for you.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

You can’t have an umbrella policy unless you have at least one other kind of insurance policy. Your umbrella insurance won’t kick in until the limits on your other insurance have been completely exhausted.

One good combination is auto and homeowners insurance; your umbrella policy will cover you in both areas in the event of a disaster. Whether there is a house fire or a car crash with a very large amount of damages, the umbrella policy will start working as soon as the appropriate policy has maxed out.

Kinds of Protection Offered by Your Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance doesn’t just cover damages specific to the original policies. Here are some of the kinds of damages that may be covered:

  1. Significant property damage
  2. Serious bodily injury
  3. Legal fees associated with those claims and others
  4. Landlord liability
  5. Libel or slander
  6. Malicious prosecution

The minimum amount for an umbrella policy is usually $1 million in coverage, but you can elect to have coverage of $5 million or even $10. You will be surprised at how little the policy costs.

If you are in West Bloomfield, MI  and would like the peace of mind that comes with maximum protection, call Agency Advantage Insurance today for a free quote.

Getting the Most Out of Your Health Insurance

Some people believe health insurance is an unnecessary expense if they’re healthy, but a health insurance policy could help you in the long run. It may cover more than you initially thought it does. In fact, Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI, and the surrounding region, wants you to know that a health insurance policy may do more than just keep you compliant with current federal laws. 

Routine Exam 

If you don’t currently have insurance, you probably skip out on routine examinations because they’re just an extra expense, especially if you’re not experiencing any issues. Even though you may feel healthy, issues could be occurring that you don’t notice symptoms of until something significant happens. However, when you have insurance, you can go to the doctor’s for routine health screenings to detect problems early enough for intervention, possibly preventing a complication from happening. 


Vaccinations are often a part of your health you don’t consider, especially if you don’t have any health coverage. However, even as an adult, vaccinations are important. Getting a flu shot can stop you from getting seriously ill and potentially landing in the hospital. The flu can even become deadly. Healthy individuals over the age of 50 may want to get the shingles vaccines. While shingles aren’t deadly, it causes pain and unsightly blisters. 

Prevent Issues in the Future 

If you’re healthy now, you want to prevent issues in the future so that you can remain healthy for as long as possible. Having insurance that covers at least part of doctor’s visits means you’re more likely to work with your physician to optimize your health. 

Contact Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI and the nearby area, to discuss the ideal health insurance policy for you by calling 248-855-9090.

Protection Again Uninsured Drivers

You can get coverage to cover damages or injuries caused by an underinsured or uninsured motorist. This optional coverage helps in case you’re hit by someone with little or no insurance. Ask your Agency Advantage Insurance representative in West Bloomfield, MI whether you should carry this on your policy. In the meantime, here’s some information to get you started.

Why Do You Need Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage?

Every state requires drivers to have car insurance. However, a lot of people don’t have insurance and get behind the wheel anyway. If you get into an accident caused by someone in this category, you are left paying for damages to your car. Even if the driver has some coverage, their limit may not pay for all the damages. The only way to avoid this situation, which cannot be predicted is to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your vehicle. This allows you to protect your family and yourself from illegal drivers with no insurance.

What’s Covered by Uninsured Motorist Insurance?

Uninsured Motorists Coverage typically covers yourself and your passengers and includes two options. The first option is Uninsured Motorist coverage combined with bodily injury coverage. The second choice is Uninsured Motorist coverage for physical damage only. Bodily injury insurance pays for injuries to the driver and passenger, and physical damage pays for any property damages to your car that were sustained in the accident.

Contact your Agency Advantage agent today to find out how you can put underinsured/uninsured insurance to work keeping your vehicle and passengers protected. Make an appointment today so that you can get a quote or discuss this and all your auto insurance needs in West Bloomfield, MI.



Does Home Insurance Cover Damage From Fallen Trees?

It is important to have home insurance to protect you from a variety of potential events that can otherwise cause a severe financial impact on you and your family. Many homes are susceptible to damage from a fallen tree. This can happen as a result of disease, pests, or even storms. It is important to know if you are covered in the event a tree falls and creates damage that allows water and moisture to leak into the home. 

Water Damage From Fallen Trees

If your home suffers damage as a result of a fallen tree, most home insurance policies will cover the damage. Not all policies are the same, so it is important to understand the terms and conditions outlined with regards to water damage. There are some policies that will only cover the damages up to a certain amount. If you have limited coverage with regards to water damage, it is important to discuss your other options for a more complete coverage with your insurance agent.

Finding the Right Policy

Finding the right amount of insurance to adequately cover your residence from potential damage is key to protecting your financial future. Work with an insurance company in West Bloomfield, MI like Agency Advantage Insurance to help get the security you need. We have knowledgeable insurance representatives who know how to work with your budget and your special circumstances. 

If you live in or near West Bloomfield, MI, you should call or stop by Agency Advantage Insurance and discover the coverage options we have that can protect your home from water damage as a result of fallen trees and other hazards. Don’t take chances with your home or your future. Get the coverage you need for peace of mind. 

What’s Different About Your Classic Auto Insurance Policy?

Believe It Or Not, The Agency Makes All The Difference

At Agency Advantage Insurance in West Bloomfield, MI, we believe that the insurance agency you choose makes a tremendous difference in your experience. That’s why we hope you will take advantage of the quality you receive at our agency. We are the experts when it comes to the comprehensive yet flexible insurance needs that involve your classic automobile. 

Important Points To Consider

  • How often you drive your classic car – Bottom line, this is one of the most important factors in determining your insurance rate. This is also why it is so important that you speak with a professional who is knowledgeable about classic automobiles. We have the advantage. You want to have flexibility and how often you drive your classic car. You don’t want mileage constraints because you usually drive your classic car when the mood strikes or for special occasions. 
  • Where your classic car is stored – generally speaking, you don’t drive your classic car every day, so it is usually under lock and key somewhere. Because the car is very valuable both to you personally and also in monetary terms, where it is kept is critical in protecting your investment. 

These aspects are crucial considerations to ponder as it regards the type of insurance you require. The fact that you don’t drive the automobile every single day would dictate that you probably would not pay the same insurance rate as you pay for your regular everyday automobile. Let us help you weigh all of the factors involved. 

Contact any one of our caring staffers today at Agency Advantage Insurance. We serve the West Bloomfield, MI area as well as the surrounding areas. Take advantage and start getting the best mileage out of your classic car insurance policy today. 


Is Motorcycle Insurance Required?

For people in the West Bloomfield, MI area, spending an afternoon on a motorcycle can be a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. When you are looking to purchase a motorcycle, it is also vital that you consider your insurance needs. Similar to when you are buying a car, there are several situations in which motorcycle insurance will be required for you.

State Requirements

When you are operating a motorcycle in Michigan, you will need to comply with the state minimum insurance requirements. Michigan requires that you carry $10,000 of property damage liability insurance at all times. You also need to carry bodily injury liability coverage of at least $40,000 per incident with a $20,000 per person coverage policy. Anything less than this, and you will violate the law.

Lender Requirements

Another situation in which you will be required to carry motorcycle insurance is if you have a loan on your motorcycle. Many people today take out a loan to finance the purchase of their motorcycle. As long as the loan is outstanding, your lender will undoubtedly require that you carry a collision and comprehensive insurance policy. This will ensure they are covered if your motorcycle is damaged or stolen. 

Due to motorcycle insurance requirements that are in place for operators in the West Bloomfield, MI area, it would be a good idea to meet with a professional insurance agency when you are looking to get a new policy. Agency Advantage Insurance will be able to help you make sure that you get the right insurance in place for your situation. Agency Advantage Insurance will be able to do this by carefully reviewing your particular situation to figure out what type of policy and level of coverage is right for you. Reach out to our agents for a quote and to have your questions answered.

What is Umbrella Insurance and Do I Need it?

You may have heard about an umbrella insurance policy but are unsure what this type of insurance does, and what it covers. An umbrella policy is additional liability insurance- which means it is a backup to a general insurance policy. If you live in West Bloomfield, MI and have questions about purchasing an umbrella insurance policy, Agency Advantage Insurance can help. 

What Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Cover?

An umbrella policy will pick up additional coverage based on coverage limitations for lawsuits and injurious claims, advertising claims, product liability, defects, and more. An umbrella policy can be purchased in addition to any general insurance policy- including homeowner policies, auto insurance policies, boat, and commercial insurance policies. It can even be applied toward rental properties that you own and rent out. 

When do I Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

The worst realization is to experience a loss, injury or claim and find out that it isn’t covered by your general insurance policy. Hindsight is 20/20. Thus, it is proactive to have an umbrella insurance policy to cover you. Lawsuits, liabilities, judgments and legal fees can be exorbitant and cause a company or individual to go bankrupt as a result. Umbrella policies give that added assurance that you will be able to avoid being personally liable in covering these costs. Consider situations you may not think about beforehand that an umbrella policy will cover:

  • Dog bites that cause personal injury to another
  • Personal and business lawsuits, and corresponding legal fees
  • Injuries that occur in your home, rental property, or place of business

An umbrella insurance policy provides further peace of mind toward your financial security. If you are a resident of West Bloomfield, MI or its surrounding counties, and would like to explore umbrella insurance, contact Agency Advantage Insurance today.

3 Tips for Buying Health Insurance in West Bloomfield MI

By law, everyone in the United States needs to have health insurance and that includes the residents of Bloomfield MI. But with so many options out there, do you find yourself wondering where to start? At Agency Advantage Insurance, we love to help people find the right health insurance for the right price. Here are three tips for buying health insurance in West Bloomfield, MI.


When you bundle your insurance policies with the same company, you will get savings. For example, when you bundle your home, car, health, umbrella, and any other kind of insurance all together with one insurance company, they will pass the savings on to you.

Compare Quotes

Insurance companies want your business so they will give you the best quote they can. However, as the buyer, it is important that you compare at least two, three, or even more quotes to make sure you are getting exactly the amount of insurance coverage you want at an affordable price. A reputable insurance agent can guide you through this process by answering questions and clarifying what the coverage means compared to the cost.

Work with a Reputable Agent

To have peace of mind, you need to protect your family in the event of an injury or illness. You need to have health insurance. For this reason, it’s important to work with a reputable insurance agent; someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a track record of customer satisfaction.

At Agency Advantage Insurance, our agents serve Northville and West Bloomfield, MI. We are experts in our field and are ready to help you get the right health insurance policy for you and family. Contact us today for more information and any questions you may have.  

Teenager Behind The Wheel? Keep Them Safe With These Tips

Attention West Bloomfield, MI parents: keeping your teen safe behind the wheel is tough!

Even if you’ve already talked with your insurance agent at Agency Advantage Insurance to ensure that your teen is fully covered, it’s important to talk with your child about how to stay safe behind the wheel. Use these tips to help keep your pride and joy safe!

  • Talk to your teen about texting and driving. Let them know that you understand that sometimes they feel the need to respond urgently, and that’s ok! They just need to pull over in a safe place before pulling out the cell phone. Letting your teen know that it’s important to choose a well-lit, public location is crucial for their safety.
  • Offer incentives for your teen for avoiding speeding tickets. Set up a goal and reward with your child- for example, if they go a year without a ticket, you’ll pay for their car insurance for a month. 
  • Go with your teen to vehicle maintenance appointments. Many teens brush aside crucial maintenance issues. Your presence will ensure that their car is safe to drive. 
  • Only allow your teen to drive with one or two friends in the car. While a packed vehicle can make for a fun road trip, it also increases the number of distractions your teen will be facing while trying to make it safely to their destination. 

Agency Advantage Insurance has many insurance options that will protect your teen as they drive the streets of West Bloomfield, MI. Call today to speak with an agent about the best insurance plan for your family.