How Does Umbrella Insurance Benefit Retirees?

Your retirement years should focus on enjoying your family, hobbies, and activities rather than worrying about money, so retirees need to consider umbrella insurance to protect the assets they worked so hard to accumulate. Although this article covers the value of umbrella insurance for retirees, everyone has unique needs, so consider contacting our team at Agency Advantage Insurance, serving West Bloomfield, MI, to discuss umbrella insurance as part of your insurance plan.

How Umbrella Insurance Benefits Retirees

We buy home and auto insurance to protect ourselves against the unexpected. Still, accidents happen despite our best intentions, and sometimes we are liable for damages that exceed our base policy limits. For example, Michigan’s minimum auto insurance policy covers your liability up to $50,000 per person and $100,00 per accident. If an accident results in liability exceeding your policy’s limits, you are responsible for the difference, potentially making your retirement savings, home, and other assets vulnerable.

The solution to that problem is umbrella insurance, which sits atop your other policies and applies only when you exceed their limits. Thankfully, the liability for most auto and home accidents is handled within your standard policies, so umbrella coverage is seldom needed, making umbrella insurance relatively inexpensive. In addition, since most retirees are past their prime earning years, umbrella coverage provides extra protection for you and your assets.

Working With Agency Advantage Insurance

In a world where anything can happen, umbrella insurance provides a low-cost method of protecting you and your family. So, if you live in or near West Bloomfield, MI, and want to benefit from the protection offered by umbrella insurance, the team at Agency Advantage Insurance stands ready to help. Call us today to discuss a plan that makes sense for you.