Umbrella Insurance Takes Over Were Other Coverage Stops

Do you have enough liability coverage in the event of a lawsuit or some other disaster? Do you live in the West Bloomfield, MI area? Agency Advantage Insurance can provide the extra coverage you may need in an emergency.

What exactly is umbrella insurance? It is liability insurance coverage over other policies you may have for losses not covered by them. It is an add-on policy sold in $1 million increments, usually up to $5 million. The more coverage you purchase, the more it will cost. The risk factors you may face will also determine the cost of the coverage.

Umbrella liability coverage protects against the financial fallout that could arise due to certain unforeseen events that lead to injury or property damage for which the policyholder is responsible. When the homeowner’s or auto insurance liability coverage has been exhausted, umbrella coverage takes over.

Are you wondering if you need umbrella insurance coverage? You need this coverage if your net worth is more than $500,000. The more you have, the more you stand to lose. Most insurance policies will not provide enough coverage. If you are on your way to reaching millionaire status, an umbrella insurance policy is for you.

Umbrella insurance is also called personal liability insurance. It is a failsafe way to protect your assets and your savings.

However, some losses are not covered by an umbrella insurance policy:

  • Business losses
  • Criminal acts committed by the policyholder
  • Damage due to war, terrorism, or nuclear radiation
  • Flooding caused by natural disasters
  • Intentional acts or injury by the policyholder
  • Oral or written contracts

So, if you are one of the fortunate people who have built up significant assets, ensure you protect them with the extra coverage that an umbrella policy can provide through Agency Advantage Insurance. Contact our office today.